Monday, July 20, 2009

Today at PS 123: The Resistance Grows in Harlem, 12:30



Monday, July 20th

- Demonstration at PS 123

Time: Gather at 12:30pm / Start at 1:00pm

Location: 301 West 140th Street ( 8th ave) NY, NY 10030

Until recently, BloomKlein claimed the high ground of civil rights. They spent enormous amounts of time going to black churches selling their program. And they did get support. The early resisters to BloomKlein seemed to come from the whiter, more affluent areas of the city, areas that seemed to be doing fairly well in pre-mayoral control days when activist parents were able to have a role but now feel totally shut out.

Parents in Harlem and other areas with struggling schools were not as worried about the role they played as much as the state of the schools. The BloomKlein appeal worked – for a while, at least.

But in recent months, the black community seems to be rising up. The old community control struggles of the 60's seem to be re-emerging where black activists are asking the same questions about dictatorial control of the schools as the white activists. The heavy hand of the Moskowitz invasion of Harlem schools has not helped BloomKlein. I bet they are rethinking things a bit and HSA might even look to lower her profile and put in more blacks as figureheads. But can Eva's ego handle that?

GEM has been serving a role in trying to bring teachers. parents and community activists together in a black/white/Hispanic united front. We have been taking a firm stand against mayoral control (NO TWEAKS) and against charter schools in any form.

Here is the latest

UPDATE FROM SENATOR BILL PERKINS OFFICE based on a meeting that was held on Weds (07/15).

The following is a reminder concerning the meeting times and locations for this upcoming week.

Monday, July 20th

- Demonstration at PS 123

Time: Gather at 12:30pm / Start at 1:00pm

Location: 301 West 140th Street ( 8th ave) NY, NY 10030

Tuesday, July 21st

- Demonstration at PS 375

Time: Gather at 12:30pm / Start at 1:00pm

Location: 141 East 111 Street ( Between Lexington and Madison) NY, NY 10029


Wednesday, July 22nd

- Demonstration at PS 197

Time: Gather at 12:30pm / Start at 1:00pm

Location: 2230 5th Avenue (136th Street) NY, NY 10037

DOUBLE CHECK contact Cordell Cleare in our office at 212-222-7315

- Meeting at Senator Bill Perkins Office

Time: Starts at 5:30 pm

Location: 163 West 125th Street (9th Floor) NY, NY 10025


Thursday, July 23rd

- Demonstration at Tweed Courthouse

Time: Gather at 1:00pm/ Start at 2:00pm

Location: 52 Chambers Street NY, NY 10007

Thank you for meeting yesterday and we look forward to seeing you next week.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Cordell Cleare in our office at 212-222-7315 or respond to this email.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all in this most noble cause. I would like to attend the demonstration at Tweed, but, why is it that there never appears to be substantial news coverage (TV) or newspaper reporting of these demonstrations?

Anonymous said...

The media will not cover the demonstrations because Bloomberg controls it.

Muriel said...

Memo to Generalissimo Bloomberg: You haven't been hiring a heck of a lot of black teachers in the past 5 years either, have you? Bloomberg and his henchpeople have done nothing but exploit a fake-construct "achievement gap" to push their fascist-corporate agenda. Obama, are you listening?

Anonymous said...

As in yesterday's dramatic speech by Obama to the black community, parents need to take themselves by the bootstraps and resist the corporate invasion of schools. It appears this is beginning to happen. More voices are needed. Stay the course!

Anonymous said...

You all should be ashamed of yourselves. Harlem Success has plenty teachers of color and PS 123 has plenty of white teachers. This is not AT ALL the issue. Harlem Success has the same demographic of children and families and has managed to do an incredible job teaching them. Harlem Success IS a public school! PS 123 should watch what they are doing and take notes!