Friday, March 11, 2011

The Answer Man

I have all the answers at  Introducing GothamSchools’ first advice column, by a principal

* What do I do when I have a student whose stated purpose in the classroom is to disrupt my lessons? -  
He/she was probably thrown out of a charter school.
* Where can I find more paper?! -  
Go teach in a charter school

* How do I teach reading to fifth-grade students who are reading at a pre-primer reading level?-
Go teach in a charter school- all those kids were sent to public schools.

* What should I do when a student throws a chair or desk?-
He/she was probably thrown out of a charter school.

* When and how do I tell my principal that other teachers aren’t doing their job, and it’s affecting mine?- First - the principal should know - if he/she doesn't, the teacher is probably a pal. Second - Join E4E and they'll tell you exactly how to snitch.
* How do I work with my principal to address school-wide safety concerns?
Go teach in a charter school- they ignore safety concerns.

* When is it appropriate to ask for outside help in dealing with a disruptive student? How do I do it?
- Go teach in a charter school - they remove disruptive students

* How will I know, as a first-year teacher, if I’m doing a good job?- 
You're doing a much better job than any teacher making more money than you. Ask Black and Bloom -


  1. I was asked to submit questions for this. My response: I'd have lots for a master teacher, none for admin

  2. I would ask an admin - if I knew they spent at least 5-10 years in a classroom.

    I went through a 6 week TFA type program in the summer of 1967 for people who had no ed background. Each one week class was taught by a NYC school admin, all of whom had to spend a number of years in the classroom before becoming a supervisor. I learned a lot even in that short time.

    One thing we all had in those days - we had all been in the same boat.

  3. These 'answers' lack wit, are unneccessarily cynical, mischaracterize both Charter Schools and the students they serve, and are unproductive in a critical time where real solutions are needed; herein we see only dumping on kids by 'teachers'.

  4. I'll agree to lacking wit. The solution is to abolish charters and support public schools.

  5. Abolish charter schools, are you fucking crazy! They teach to a higher standard then 99.9% of public schools. Kids that go to charter schools do better on state and national tests. They do not steal money from public schools, they are funded by donations. If you don't want to support them, then fine, but don't trash them until you've experienced them!


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