Saturday, March 26, 2011

Triangle Fire Ceremony Report: Bloomberg Booed, Mulgrew Lame

This report came in from a friend, a retired teacher:

Very moving procession and ceremony - but here's a bit of "flavor."
1) Bloomberg drowned out with boos as he tried to speak - had to hurry through his speech
2) Mulgrew gave the most pathetic speech of any speaker - totally lacking any fire or emotion - just went through the motions - talked on stage during everyone elses powerful speeches - he couldn't have cared less - what an embarrassment - by far the most lame speaker
3) Mary Welch head of the Wisconsin NEA gave an amazing speech that got everyone worked up - very powerful
4) Nice turnout
5) Tons of politicians trying to get face time- thankfully few were allowed to speak
See the video at Perdido St. School: 

Bloomberg Booed At Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Commemoration

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