Thursday, March 17, 2011

Film Screening & Discussion: The Inconvenient Truth Behind 'Waiting for Superman'

NOTE: This will not yet be the final version, but will be an evaluation to get some final input before we make final edits. I will be filming the discussion and some of the footage might be used in the film, so wear makeup. YOU MUST REGISTER!





10:00 AM to 11:50 AM
Pace University
New York, NY

A group of New York City public school teachers and parents from the Grassroots Education Movement wrote and produced this documentary in response to the Davis Guggenheim highly misleading film, Waiting for Superman. Waiting for Superman would have audiences believe that free-market competition, standardized tests, destroying teacher unions, and above all, the proliferation of charter schools are just what this country needs to create great schools.

Our film, THE INCONVENIENT TRUTH BEHIND WAITING FOR SUPERMAN highlights the real-life experiences of public school parents and educators to show how these so-called reforms are actually hurting education. Our film talks about the kinds of real reform - inside schools and in our society as a whole - that we urgently need to genuinely transform education in this country.

Run Time: 55 minutes

The screening will be followed by a panel discussion with parents and teachers featured in the film.


S.E. Anderson, Black New Yorkers for Educational Excellence
Julie Cavanagh, Grassroots Education Movement
Mona Davids, NY Charter Parents Association
Leonie Haimson, Class Size Matters, Parents Across America
Brian Jones, Grassroots Education Movement,

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Left Forum: Friday, March 18th - Sunday, March 20th

Consider Registering for the Left Forum and Check Out Two Panels Featuring Friends of CAPE!

3/19:  Showing GEM's film, "The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman", which features parents and an educator from CAPE
Session 1:  10:00-11:50
Panelists:  Brian Jones, Leonie Haimson, Monda Davids, Sam Anderson, and Julie Cavanagh

3/19:  Building Resistance in NYC to the Neoliberal Restructuring of Public Education
Session 4:  5:00-6:50
Panelists:  Jitu Weusi, John Tarleton, Leonie Haimson, Sally Lee, and Julie Cavanagh

Full Left Forum Schedule Here:
There are many great panels concerning the fight for public education!

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  1. Does anyone know anything about a rally on Queens Borough Hall on 4/14? I checked the UFT site and it doesn't say anything about it.


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