Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fight Back Friday Press Advisory

I reported earlier today on the side panel (you must check those out for short 'n sweet stuff):


NOTE: Some reports coming in of UFT district reps urging chapter leaders to ignore FBF. Let me know if this is going on.

Since then I heard from a school who after reading the above started making connections with why the Unity CL at the school seemed so reluctant to support FBF. Notify me if you are trying to do FBF and a Unity CL is resisting.

Well here is the press advisory. Note the list of schools doing FBF. I hope you can add yours to the list the next time. I will be at the press conf at Tweed Friday at 4:30 taking video and pics, after which I'm heading up to Julia Richman as a volunteer to help NYCORE set up for Saturday's conf.
2011 Conference where GEM will be doing a workshop.

Press Advisory                                   
Date:  Friday, March 25, 2011     
Sam Coleman, Teacher PS 24, NYCORE/GEM:  646-354-9362
Lisa Donlan, Parent and President CEC1:  917-848-5873
Julie Cavanagh, Teacher PS 15, GEM/CAPE: 917-836-6465

Fight Back Friday:  After More Than a Week of Protests and Outrage, School-Communities Mobilize to Demand Our Governor and Mayor Put Our Children First

Who:  Parents, Educators, Students, and Community Members city-wide including more than twenty-five school-communities:  The Academy for Environmental Leadership, Brooklyn, The Academy of Urban Planning, Brooklyn, Bushwick School for Social Justice, Brooklyn, James Baldwin High School, Manhattan, Humanities Prep High School, Manhattan, PS 307, Brooklyn, Pan American International HS, Queens, PS 24, Brooklyn, PS 15, Brooklyn, PS 157, Brooklyn, The Earth School ( PS 364 Manhattan), The Neighborhood School (PS 363 Manhattan), Lehman HS, Bronx, PS 193, The Gil Hodges School, Brooklyn, John Dewey HS, Brooklyn, Lyons Community School, Brooklyn, PS 368, Manhattan, The Green School, Brooklyn, PS347, Manhattan, PS/IS 187, Manhattan, Alfred E. Smith high school, Bronx, PS 230 Brooklyn, International High School at Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, and PS 254, Brooklyn.

What:  On Friday, March 25th, parents, students, teachers, and community members across the city will be taking different actions to demand our Mayor and our Governor put our children first.  Education stakeholders city-wide will be protesting Mayor Bloomberg’s destructive education policies, including his threat of over 4,000 teacher lay-offs and his attacks on our experienced educators, and Governor Cuomo’s devastating proposed education cuts.  Individual schools will be picketing, signing petitions and letters, having teach-ins, engaging in teacher appreciation activities and will be disseminating flyers to spread awareness about budget cuts, proposed lay-offs, teacher protections, and what our Mayor and Governor should be fighting for if they were really interested in putting children first.  The day will culminate with a press conference on the steps of Tweed at 4:30, where Fight Back Friday participants will share their demands, urging our elected officials to support our public schools. 
When and Where:  Friday, March 25th, city-wide in individual school communities with a unified culminating press conference on the steps of Tweed, 52 Chambers Street, at 4:30 P.M.

Additional Contacts:
Tory Frye, Parent and SLT Member PS/IS 187:  646-418-6435
Stefanie Siegel, Teacher Paul Robeson High School: 347-721-2152
Michael Solo, Teacher Dewey High School: 917-750-7510

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