Sunday, March 20, 2011

E4E Invitation to Lunch n' Learn May Violate More than Rules of Ethics

How is this putting children first? How interesting that it is so easy for E4E to use time that is supposed to be for teachers collaborating together. Think I could get into schools during those times to push GEM's message? Hey, if E4E is coming to your school, ask for equal time. I received this email from a contact.
In my anger, I just wanted to share this with you.
One of teachers at my school invited a woman to meet our Principal, she claims to be part of an organization that encourages teacher dialogue and a fair exchange of ideas.  Sounds great.  This is just what the doctor ordered at this time.  We need to have a place for open dialogue, that doesn’t turn into a personal shouting match.  So we invited her to talk at one of our “Lunch and Learns”. 

I received an email from her, and looked at their organizations beliefs and policies.  It was “Educators 4 Excellence”.  I called her back and cancelled her meeting with us, told her that she was deceptive by not mentioning their beliefs in LIFO, and Merit Pay during our initial meeting.  The principal wants her back, and I told her that I would be the first one protesting and heckling any attempt by her or her organization to talk with my staff. 
The weird part is, as I confronted the young lady, she still insisted that her organization is open to dialogue and change of ideas.  I told her that’s crap because they have a statement of beliefs that say otherwise.  She didn’t see a contradiction.
IT gets worse. That evening a friend tells me that Educators 4 Excellence was sponsoring happy hour drinks at the local bar for her school (with the Principal joining them of course).  They were given a voucher for a drink in exchange for their signature (that they accept the principals of the organization.)  I realized how dangerous and insidious this has become.  They are actively recruiting, using almost cult-like methods, appealing to the young teachers whose rights and futures we are trying to protect.
Naturally, some principals love the E4E message - we predicted that the DOE through the backdoor would aid and abet and promote them. I have no hard facts but why not given the political climate - if they are using Parent Coordinators to organize pro-Bloomberg parents why wouldn't they use principals to get E4E into schools to undermine the union? Kudos to my contact for standing firm.

Diane Ravitch in Newsweek:  Obama’s War on Schools: The No Child Left Behind Act has been deadly to public education. So why has the president embraced it?

More evidence of a shift in the MSM, with Diane given space in Newsweek to tell the truth!  Before Newsweek was completely controlled by the deformers. If we get equal time, I think we have a real chance to save public education, because we have research and the views of teachers and parents on our side. - Leonie Haimson


  1. Perhaps GEM and other groups could have a public debate with E4E. It wouldn't be hard for well-informed teachers to publicly demonstrate what tools E4E's founders are. Also, can we start getting regular updates on E4E's happy hours so we can all attend them.

  2. Reflective Educator: I like the way you think. : )


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