Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Joel Klein and ed deform whine refuted: Teacher tenure is not a guarantee of a lifetime job

Echoing Principal Brian De Vale message to Cathie Black: Principals can remove incompetent tenured teachers as seen in this video: Brooklyn Principal Challenges Cath...
Teacher tenure is not a guarantee of a lifetime job. As demonstrated by this recent decision in a termination proceeding for which I provided expert testimony, inappropriate conduct by a tenured teacher can result in termination where school and district administrators act decisively, as they should.
  • Shawn Armor But what is 'inappropriate conduct', Breaking the law? A lot don't do that but still deserve to be shown the door..
    19 minutes ago ·

  • Kym Vanderbilt I think the key word is "they". They, the prinicpals really need to document and deliver. I do agree the process is too arduous, but at the end of the day, this is why we need strong admininstration.
    12 minutes ago · · 

  • David Bloomfield No Shawn, he didn't break the law. That's the point, as Kym wrote. Bad teachers can be shown the door; too often administrators just don't make the effort, then blame the rules they haven't followed!
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  1. There may be a remote possibility of removing a tenured teacher from their position, however how much does it actually cost cash strapped schools to accomplish that feat?

  2. You are right; too expensive to give American workers/citizens rights and due process, better to give complete unfettered control over to a select few who can make decisions for the rest of us. This will certainly make our schools and our country better.

    Are you kidding me?

    It is quite possible to get a rid of a tenured teacher and it doesn't cost the school anything if the principal does his/her job. Mostly, if the principal does his/her job, said teacher will leave or resign. AND we are talking about very few people here, look at NYC's attrition rates. You should be focusing your cost contianment concerns on keeping teachers, because high attrition costs us taxpayer dollars and our children's achievement.


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