Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tweed Trying to Use Parent Coordinators As Shock Troops to End Seniority

UPDATED: 9:30am -

A misuse of school funding and intent. Maybe even illegal.

It gets more and more outrageous. This story came across our desk over a month ago when Tweed held parent coordinator borough meetings and urged them to find the parents most sympathetic to Bloomberg. Some parent coordinators went to the teachers and complained and they passed it on to me. The story was filtered to some reporters but nothing has yet come of it because the PCs were too scared for their jobs to talk. Now this just came in from an unknown source:
Parent Coordinators were emailed the above petition for parents to sign for their Lobby Day the end of March.. When you open the attachment  you will see there is a line there asking Albany to end seniority rules of last in first out. Please get to your parent coordinators first thing tomorrow and ask them not to send that petition around.
Using the guise of budget cuts (who can be against that?), they have added the end of seniority as a tag to the petition.
New York City Public School Lobby Week March 21, 2011 – March 25, 2011

We, the undersigned New York City students, parents and community members, strongly protest the State’s proposed budget cuts to New York City public schools.

Therefore, we urge our elected leaders to:
Provide New York City with it’s fair share of state funds and restore the proposed cuts to our public schools;
Reject the State’s proposed changes to Building Aid, which will delay the construction of thousands of new school seats in our neighborhoods; and
Allow the City to keep it’s most effective teachers by ending the State’s “Last In, First Out” policy, allowing teachers to be retained based on their performance, rather than just seniority.
Go find the Parent Coordinator at your school today and point out what the DOE is doing.

Note there is no tag on this but when John Liu opens an investigation it will be traced right back to an email out of Tweed.


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  1. The UFT should be distributing literature outside of every school directed toward educating parents on the real issues.

    Why is the UFT so soft?

    What kind of leadership sits back over the past nine years and lets an entire high school division be destroyed?

    What kind of leadership provides no vision or program about K-12 education in NYC?

    What kind of leadership sits back year after year making compromise after compromise only to have have it blow up in their faces?

    Someone should draw up a flow chart or map that explains and shows in details all of the decisions the Unity leadership has made since Bloomberg has come in and all of the consequences. Staggering!

    I'm looking forward to the future endorsement of Obama for a second run. The man who single-handedly put NCLB on steroids (RTTT) and helped usher in the devastating attacks on education and labor.

    Sick and Tired! Unity Must Go! Labor must demand that all future candidates for political office meet a certain standard before they are endorsed or else risk the development of a third party candidate.

  2. Naturally I agree. I don't know how active you are or have been. Join Fightback Friday on March 25. When the UFT got wind of the GEM/NYCORE event they put in their own on March 22. Do both but FBF is grassroots bred and led. We can change the UFT only from the bottom up. Unity fears this the most.

    Come to the GEM meeting on March 21 and join other activists.

  3. Too bad whomever created the petition missed the part of 5th grade where they explain the difference between "its" and "it's."

  4. Why is anyone so shocked that the UFT is "so soft?"
    Weingarten and her Dead End Boys started it and now the biggest screw up of all time- her mouthpiece and Bloomberg valet Mulgrew- is in charge of dismantling the union as he and his pals get fat, lazy and rich.
    This is not news- does anyone remember that we have no contract since October 2009 because Weingarten lied to us that Bloomberg had promised us two raises at 4 percent each if we screwed Bill Thompson?
    Mulgrew cant even string two coherent sentences together.
    He is a first class buffoon, afraid of his own shadow and too scared of Bloomberg to fight for us.
    who fired Betsy Combier and why?

  5. Not to worry- Michael "Inspector Clouseau" and his lawyers- the eight million dollars per year Strook and Strook (Randi still pays them- her former firm) and Adam Ross-he got his job through the employment agency of Uncle Jeff the vicious Red-baiter Zahler; former UFT General Counsel Carol Gerstl (Weingarten domeoted her and sent her to Albany to "hold" Joe Bruno's hand on his way to the federal pen) and Claude Rains Hersch will straighten all this out- they will put up their usual fake front and then cave when Bloomberg calls and gives them marching orders to take another dive.
    Mulgrew and his cronies just collect the bigger checks every year while the members still dont have a contract since October, 2009.........
    Is it true that Weingarten chose Mulgrew- a guy with zippo leadership experience with problems at Grady HS and no backbone- so that he would fail and she could come back to save the day?


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