Thursday, August 2, 2012

E4E's Lori Wheal Declares Herself a Replaceable of the Highest Order

Gee Lori Wheal, how about "advancing" by just teaching? Maybe focus on advancing the kids rather than yourself.
Lori Wheal is leaving because she can't keep her little job and will now go into ed policy.
"The decision to leave the classroom was among the most difficult I’ve ever made, but I feel like my career is stuck in neutral, with no clear path of advancement."

Wheal is one of the "master" teachers losing her job.
What's the matter Lori? being an ATR doesn't appeal to you

You are right. This was no sudden decision. E4E is a Gates-funded anti-teacher org.


Educators 4 Excellence: A Corporate Suck-up Voice Against Teachers  Educators 4 Excellence

E4E Weekly Update
Wednesday, August 1, 2012

E4E In the News
E4E-NY teacher Lori Wheal: Why NYC can't keep great teachers: In a New York Post op-ed, Lori reflects on her own career path and teacher retention in light of the new TNTP report (see below for more). »
E4E co-founders guest blog on EdWeek: On Rick Hess Straight Up, an Education Week blog, Evan Stone and Sydney Morris recount their story and share teacher reactions to "The Irreplaceables". Check back this Thursday and Friday for more. »

New TNTP report urges smarter decisions about teacher retention: "The Irreplaceables" shows that the most and least effective teachers leave at identical rates (SchoolBook), including in New York (NY Daily News). Read the report. »
In changes to teaching licensing, more teaching and less testing: As The New York Times reports, New York's licensing processes will include new measures, endorsed by both state officials and Michael Mulgrew, the UFT president. »
Report: Calif. school facilities need funding, roadmap: A state-commissioned report highlights the information barriers to addressing school facility needs. (Also, sign our petition calling for fairer school funding.) »
Court ruling may challenge Bridgeport, CT school system efforts: A court-mandated school board special election could challenge reforms being put into place by Superintendent Paul Vallas (The Wall Street Journal). »

New York
Policy Roundtable #2: The Future of Special Education: Join fellow E4E members for the second of three teacher-led conversations to examine the coming changes to classrooms that serve students with special needs and discuss how to ensure that all students’ needs are being met.
Regardless of what you teach, these changes will affect all classrooms. We encourage all teachers to join us.
TOMORROW: Thursday, August 2, 2012 | 5 p.m.
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TOMORROW - August 2 Policy Roundtable #2  5:00 p.m. Educators 4 Excellence
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E4E Teachers
Talk Back
Brooke Wacha
Brooke Wacha discusses the need to ensure that all students’ needs are considered and all teachers’ voices are included when making education policy.
Brooke teaches high school in a 6-1-1 setting at PS223Q, a District 75 school in Queens.
Did teaching meet your expectations?
I expected to be working with low-income students from tough situations, but I ended up working in a District 75 school with a lot of students with autism. ...My job now has really opened up my world to what autism is and what it can be – there’s always something new, someone’s always going to surprise you.

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Michael Fiorillo said...

Where do they get these people? The arrogance, vanity, self-delusion and willingness to step on others to get ahead is just off the charts.

Or perhaps they are some kind of evil, three dimensional Bots, or Replicants that have been engineered in the sub-basement laboratory of The New Teacher Project?

Anonymous said...

The prerequisite clothing for the male Bots can be found on the pages of JCREW (ie. Ludlow suits type...slim fit tailored look). Very thin. Glasses. Two days worth of beard ala George Michael.

It is so frightening. My bet is on the weekend these same male Bots wear small fedoras. Oh so hip, these "hipster" educator Bots.