Monday, August 6, 2012

@SOS12 Videos: Deb Meier, Jonathan Kozol, Nancy Carlsson-Paige

I'm so busy processing videos I haven't had time to blog about the fab 2 days at SOS2012 in DC this past weekend, a great followup to my 5 day trip to the AFT convention in Detroit last weekend. Lots of bloggers were there so in my next post I'll put up links and some commentary. Here are 2 keynotes. How thrilled was I when Nancy Carlsson-Paige (who is so accomplished but always seems to have her name attached to the fact she is Matt Damon's mom ---- and yes I did it too) told me how good "The Inconvenient Truth Behind Waiting for Superman" was. (You know I am embarassed by the poor producation stuff I was so often responsible for so having someone like Nancy who is connected to the film industry say that means a lot.)

And being at any event with the great Debbie Meier is always such a treat. (My battery ran out during her funny and insightful keynote but here is what I got.

SOS12 Debbie Meier Keynote

SOS12 Jonathan Kozol Keynote from Grassroots Education Movement on Vimeo.

 Being away has its disadvantages.
 My wife and her pal Shelly have conspired to bring in a new homeless kitten which Shelly has been feeding in her back yard -- they are at the vet now. I know Shelly's husband Joel is behing this, getting even with me for convincing him to take in a cat he doesn't like 15 years ago. Just wait Joel, I'm sending every stray to your yard with a personal note from me.

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