Monday, August 27, 2012

News From an ATR

I just got this from one of the ATRs on the GEMATR listserve (which you can join by sending an email to
I just want to put it out there especially for the ATRs-  a very reliable higher up told my fellow ATR that guidance counselors will be moving around to different schools each week starting the new school year.  If this is true, they will not be held to different standards as the teachers although nothing has been said about ATR secretaries and ATR paras.  My fellow ATR met two ATR paras and  they did not move around.
Secondly, this ATR was told by the HR people at the network that they do not care about teachers teaching out of license- Licensure is not important- seems only salary is.  So, I was thinking a good thing to get out to the public is that parents check the licenses of their children’s teachers.  If there are problems, we should file a complaint at someone in DOE- at least a paper trail would be in place.
Thirdly,  the reliable higher up  mentioned that the network organization will go back to boroughs in January,  Thus, this shuffling of network leaders into principal positions.  Not sure what this reorganization would look like. Would all these network leaders be part of the ATR pool?
Just some info.
Have a good rest of the day.
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NYCDOEnuts said...

All the signs are pointing to a reorganization based on geography. This word seems to fit all of that.
And it's more of this half-assed leadership approach that's leading to it...starting in the middle of the school year, giving no public word, planning it in secrecy...all that Tweedhead horsecrap we're all used to at this point. THIS is the kind of stuff that will change after he leaves office.