Saturday, August 25, 2012

Social Networking - with FDR

I wore my FDR button at the Chicago solidarity event (Why Support Chicago Teachers at MORE event Thursday?) and someone told me "FDR was not your friend."
FDR was the worst president in history. -- A former leftist, now a right wing ideologue supporting the efforts to bring down every aspect of the New Deal.

In case you think putting out this crap is all I do, I actually have a social life. Sort of. Let's see now, what did I do recently? Oh yeah, we went with another couple on a day trip to FDR's home in Hyde Park, about a 2 and a half hour drive. I was glad to put my 2 month old Honda CRV with its cool nav system on the open road.

I wore my FDR button at the Chicago solidarity event (Why Support Chicago Teachers at MORE event Thursday?) and someone told me "FDR was not your friend." Well, we could certainly use FDR right now -- remember when he laughed in the faces of the Republican critics who were so similar to the right wing clowns we have today. And the Dems are not much better.

When Obama was elected I wrote in this article (Election Whoopee)
right around election time:
Will Obama turn out to be a great president or a failure? An FDR or a Herbert Hoover, who had an even lower approval rating than W? It could go either way. When you think of great presidents, they seem to emerge only in times of crisis. Think there are just a few lurking? FDR ran for president with a very different agenda than he ended up enacting due to desperate times. He showed the kind of flexibility that was needed. Policies that had a major impact for generations. 
Oy! Who would've thunk it? Well, I did write in that article:
The only thing we have to fear is fear of Obama's dependence on the same old, same old Clinton people, who come out of places like Goldman Saks when we need some truly radical thinking. Bill Ayres, where are you when we need you?
 Double Oy!! Not the only think I guess. One thing I didn't expect: the total Obama assault on public education.

Well, after spending a day last Tuesday immersed in FDR stuff and comparing him to the political dreck we have out there today, I'm sorry, but I'll take FDR right now.

This is the last known photo of FDR standing on his own at a boyscout camp in New Jersey which is where he probably contracted polio which paralyzed him a week later. The year was 1921.

A very nice garden holds the gravesite.


Gotta run to the gym and get ready for a 5:30 wedding today but will be back later with cute cat/kitten pics. Did I tell you how much time I spend just watching and playing with cats?

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