Monday, August 6, 2012

If life found on Mars it should not have tenure -- Michelle Rhee, Campbell Brown, Students First

Curiosity lands with provis
KJ wants to open charter chain on Mars
The Rhee, Brown, Students Last troika issued a statement soon after Curiosity landed on Mars early this morning to "assure there is no tenure on Mars to protect sexual predators. Rhee was cheered by the exemption covering mayors who also played professional basketball. "Kevin always wanted to visit Mars," she declared. "He wants to be the first to open an all-girls chain of charter school chain on Mars."


Michael Fiorillo said...

Yes, and the shorter the cheerleader's skirts at KJ's school, the better.

Unknown said...

Wonder if the martian atmosphere will induce Mr. Rhee to put his clothes on before he hugs any of the underage martian girls...

A very interesting attempt by the usual small group of well connected "reformers" to steal 2 schools away from Buffalo Public Schools is underway here. They have virtually ZERO support from the community or the parents, faculty and outside consultants all ready working in both of the schools but they seem to be banking on their ties to Cuomo to get their way. And he just got one upped by Everbody Hates Chris Christie with the new NJ tenure law.