Tuesday, November 5, 2013

AFT Sics the Dogs on Mercedes Schneider

Today AFT went down the chain to reach my local union president and ask her to “rein me in.”  .. Mercedes Schneider
Norm, In reading the various posts, you may have missed Mercedes' comments below which are quite revealing. It is a classic example of how Unity operates by using intimidation. .. Retired NYC teacher and UFT activist

How familiar are we with these tactics? From Mercedes:
Today AFT went down the chain to reach my local union president and ask her to “rein me in.” My school union rep told me. No kidding. But my local union president doesn’t try to make teachers follow her wishes. She finds out what teachers want to do and then helps us do it.

AFT communicated down the chain that they are concerned I will incite a protest. I don’t incite protests. When told to “talk to me” by one on the regional level, my local union president responded, “And tell her what?”
Funny– the Common Core protests have already transpired and brought about results in my district– including open support from our local union president:

If you don't know about the war going on at the Ravitch blog, check it out and jump right in:

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  1. Rein her in Randi? You are supposed to represent her. Are you confused as to your role? We are tired of all the so called reform you are shoving down our throats. We want to teach! Are you going to rein me in too like a horse?


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