Friday, November 29, 2013

The Obligatory Thanksgiving Extended Family Photo

This just appeared on Facebook so I might as well publish it here -- and of course it will then reappear on FB and Twitter since I somehow have automated Ed Notes posts to end up on both places. One cousin said yesterday she gets so much FB crap from me she had to block me -- she did not seem to believe me when I said I almost never go on FB -- though I did tonight and friended a former student from my favorite 4th grade class.

Anyway, we drove down to Yardley PA - an hour and a half trip took 2 and a half hours but we were listening to the Freakonomics NPR Thanksgiving marathon - to our niece who managed to put on some event even with a 5 and 2 year old.

There were great little latkes and I ate so many I had trouble getting the main meal down. And worse -- no room for ANY dessert.

I won't even attempt to explain who any of these people are -- but we did talk lots of politics -- many are on the edge of tea party but we had some allies from the Long Island cousins. Can't wait 'till Passover - at my house - I think - to continue the conversations. Maybe some of them may even have health care by then.

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