Friday, November 8, 2013

Patrick Sullivan and Leonie Haimson on Leo Casey Slam at Carol Burris

Patrick J. Sullivan @PSulliv
@leoniehaimson @carolburris Didn't Casey blast @carolburris when she raised issues with the teacher evals?
.@PSulliv yup, wonder if @LeoECasey will apologize to @carolburris now & admit she was right
A follow-up to my earlier post: Hypocrisy of the Day: UFT Call for Renegotiating Evals With deB 

Perdido Street School used the Sullivan/Haimson tweets to his own riff:

Michael Mulgrew And Leo Casey Just Like The Fonz

Mikey and Leo now criticizing the teacher evaluation system they helped develop and defend against criticism from Carol Burris and Diane Ravitch.

Mikey and Leo are criticizing the system for some of the very reasons Burris and Ravitch criticized it in the past.

But Mikey and Leo never admit they were wrong to help develop this system or defend it, of course.

That would be going to far.

They cannot admit they were wr- wr- wr- wro-wrong...

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