Monday, November 25, 2013

Opt-Out Grows: Long Island High Stakes Testing Forum Monday Nov. 25, 7:30

A reminder to those who can make this.


  1. thanks for posting this... this is my home temple and I had no idea this was going to happen...nor was it mentioned in the synagogue or on their temple list serve...

    I will be passing this along to other people in the neighborhood..


  3. I was there (along with another blogger buddy who lives nearby) and video recorded the EXCELLENT SPEAKERS at the forum informing and educating the parents in south western Nassau County about the effects of standardized testing, InBloom, APPR, etc.

    I am at work now but will be uploading these videos tonight to my Picasa page while I stay inside from the expected gale winds tonight.


    1. Great Trace -- I almost came but went to a movie instead. Leave a comment with the links.


      This link is Superintendent of Comswogue Schools Dr. Joe Rella from Nov 25th Education Reform and what it means to children at Hewlett East Rockaway Jewish Center last night (Nov 25).

      He is an excellent advocate and speaker and WORTH the watch.
      Some key points I would like to emphasize which were mentioned in his lecture:

      1)NYS adopted Common Core Standards and $4.5 billion was allocated to the a carrot being dangled in front of their faces.
      2) There is no peer reviewed research supporting any of this standardized testing or Common Core rigor.
      3) The Common Core Standards are copyright standards and NO educators were consulted on any of this.
      4) The over emphasis on tests already happened in New Orleans, Chicago and Philadelphia..and it is already happening in New York.
      5) Data Share- Schools used to operate under FERPA (Family Educational Rights Privacy Act) where schools can not reveal anything about a student. This was changed by Congress and now data can be shared on students. A company called inBloom decided to take part in student data sharing without permission.
      6) There are many children across NYS with increased levels of anxiety. Health care professionals are starting to call it the "Common Core Disorder". Students feel discouraged and do not want to go to school.
      7) Assume Common Core is perfect and great for education, but is it worth it if we know how it is affecting the children? Based on that it has to go (quoting Dr. Rella)


      P.S. This was my first time using the recording on my Canon rebel... the recording is audible, but its not a perfect video recording..bear with me on that.. thanks..

  4. okay.. will do.. and you know the other person who was there with me.. she can provide information as well..

    btw..the group who organized this were some of the Lynbrook parents, who want to try and inform others in the neighborhood.



    Maria Kilfoyle, parent, teacher and general manager of BATS (Bad Ass Teachers) - Hewlett East Rockaway Jewish Center- Nov 25, 2013

    Key Points to emphasize:
    1. Is a teacher- went to politicians to fight over testing, evaluations, did not work, so she lost her voice. However, when it started to affect her son, she realized she had a voice as a parent.
    2. Maria testified to NYS Assembly about 3 weeks ago with this direct quote, "I am your worst nightmare because I am a mother, and a mother who is an educator- so watch out. I know what is going on. I know this not about kids. This is about money. You are not going to use my son as a pawn to make money. That 'aint happening."
    3. Since the summer, Maria has requested and gotten meetings with aides from Senators Gillibrand and Schumer's office- and requested confirmation that both senators had notes from the meeting with a response afterwards.
    4, Realized she just can not fight for her son but become an advocate for all kids-its about all children, especially be an advocate for children in poverty. The ed deformers want all to believe is that the system is broken and they will magically ride in with Common Core, data sharing (inBloom) and high stakes testing to fix education. It is not what will help the children or to cure poverty. It is just about the money.
    5. Advice to parents- Talk to politicians. Get politicians on local, state and federal levels and demand that they stop over testing, rid Common Core, rid teacher evaluations tied to test scores. Maria, along with many other teachers and principals, and other advocates have been screaming and yelling for 2 years but no one wanted to listen. However, the revolution is going to happen when parents begin contacting politicians or even going to marches and demonstrations.

    I have 1 more, Norm, which is Jeanette Detuermann..I will send that one to you tomorrow. However, she spoke the longest and I have 4 videos on her. She gave detailed information on what it means to opt out, have your child refuse to take the test. ...this may be worth 1 blog post to its entirety.



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