Thursday, November 14, 2013

Francis Lewis HS Endorses MORE Moratorium on Advance Teacher Evaluation System

Things are moving right along.
November 14, 2013

Francis Lewis High School UFT Consultative Committee

Today we, the UFT consultative committee of Francis Lewis High School, voted to formally endorse MORE caucus’s Petition for a Moratorium on the “Advance” Teacher Evaluation System.

The committee endorses this proposal and encourages our leadership to act quickly in the face of actions that jeopardize our profession and our students' quality of learning.


Arthur Goldstein
Chapter Leader

Paula Duffy
Chapter Delegate

 And tailing right along:
we have joined with our state affiliate NYSUT and education advocacy groups across the state to urge the governor, the state Legislature and the State Education Department of New York to ban standardized testing in pre-K through second grade.
Sign our petition now »
Michael Mulgrew
Michael Mulgrew

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