Monday, November 11, 2013

Slate's New Schooled Podcast: Bad Teacher With John Owens and Alex Caputo-Pearl

I picked this audio up from Gotham's Remainders tonight. I'm posting it here so I can archive the discussion with two dynamic people I've met: John Owens who chronicled his short teaching career in the Bronx with a book which shows that he got so much about ed deform in such a short time and a teacher of 2 decades, Alex Caputo-Pearl, who is running to head the LA teachers union in the election to take place after the New Year. (In the summer of July 2009 Alex invited a crew from CORE over for breakfast and I tagged along for the great pancakes and conversation (you see what comes first in my book)).

I haven't listened to it yet but hope to get to it tomorrow. Dana Goldstein, who at times disappoints real reformers with her reporting, does the interviewing. (She did go a great piece on Alex last spring.)
Welcome to Schooled, Slate’s new podcast about education.

This episode features two teachers with experience in high-poverty urban schools. We’ll find out why John Owens, the author of Confessions of a Bad Teacher, lasted less than a year when he left his publishing job to teach in the Bronx. Alex Caputo-Pearl is a 20-year veteran social studies teacher in South Los Angeles, and a member of the inaugural 1990 class of Teach for America. He was recently forced to transfer schools after he led a controversial effort to rewrite the curriculum at Crenshaw High School.
Podcast production by Sally Herships.

Schooled: Bad Teacher

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