Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Will de Blasio Make Randi's Folly - er - the UFT Charter - Pay The Damn Rent?

Eva Moskowitz is viewed as a big loser in the election and the UFT even though they jumped on the bandwagon late is viewed as a winner. But what of the charters occupying public school space - given to the UFT by the way by their pal Kathy Cashin when she ran Region 5 (Dist. 19, 23 and 27)? My guess is that it is no longer politically tenable for the UFT to get free space if deB makes Eva pay.

DeB has said that poor charters wouldn't have to pay. Can the UFT claim to be a poor charter with a million dollar donation from the likes of Eli Broad?

The political solution is for the UFT to get its own space which will accelerate the UFT shortfall as the charter school drains the budget. The real solution is the end Randi's Folly. Let the UFT charter apply to be converted to a public school. The UFT would be taking a strong stand in defense of the public school system instead of waffling and straddling the fence. (And cut out of the Green Dot deal too.)

The UFT charters have allowed the enemies to make lots of hay about the union's claim it can run a charter using union rules (which I would still question the reality of). They won't even subject the teachers to the eval system they have fostered on public school teachers.

Let me point out once again -- that ICE was the only group to oppose the establishment of the UFT charter with Michael Fiorillo leading the way. New Action, which claims it opposes charters, was right on board all the way.

What about MORE, you ask? Where do they stand on the UFT charter co-location which has led to the closing of George Gershwin MS 166K and the invasion and disruption of another middle school? While I'm sure most MOREistas are on the same page with me, MORE I believe needs to say loud and clear about the UFT charter: PAY THE DAMN RENT OR GET OUT!

Off topic a bit but I need to stick this info that just came in about the charter group that Eva's hubby Eric Grannis is involved in -- this from the corrupt sister in LA:

Here's an LA times article that just came out about CWC and Charter school issues in general:

 Scroll down to the comments, many from CWC parents.

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