Sunday, November 10, 2013

Ravitch Recuperating: To Speak at PS 15 in December

An event de Blasio should attend ...

The good news from Diane is she is out of the hospital (Update on My Health) but still working to dissolve the clot in her leg. She points to too much flying, which is probably true. (Glad I have started hating flying due to all that TSA stuff.)

Remember when Diane put up a story about Randi being her friend and people went wild on her blog. While I didn't agree that Randi is an ally I also pointed out to Diane's amazing support for our film and personal admiration for Julie Cavanagh. Well, we just got word that Diane is going to discuss her book with the PS 15 community as per Diane's announcement.
On December 11, I will speak to parents and teachers at PS 15 in Red Hook, Brooklyn. That's the Patrick Daley School, named for its beloved principal who was killed in 1992 when he stepped into gang crossfire in a housing project while going to a student's home to see if he was okay. All are welcome. 
And Julie's (RSVP required as space is limited - ).

The Friends of PS 15, The Patrick F. Daly School, Committee is pleased to announce our first ever Meet the Author and Book Talk Event, with Dr. Diane Ravitch.

We will be discussing her new book, "Reign of Error".  The flyer is attached:  December 11th from 5-7 at PS 15's newly renovated community library, 71 Sullivan Street, Red Hook, Brooklyn.

All are welcome, but please RSVP as indicated on the flyer to we can plan for space/accommodations.

Please feel free to share with others.

Folks who plan to attend should have read the book (Dr. Ravitch will not be giving a speech, but rather, we will have an intimate conversation about her book.) 

A special thank you to Diane for being our guest and our continued well wishes as she recovers.
She mentions her visit to PS 15K in her latest entry updating us all on her health:, thankful she is on the mend!


Julie Cavanagh
 I will unfortunately miss this as I will be out of town that day. I hope someone tapes it.

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