Monday, January 13, 2014

Exclusive: PS 106 Library Funds Diverted by Sills as Llloyd-Bey Ignored Complaints

I'm heading down to PS 106 right now for The Wave - I was just interviewed in my house by Telemundo who sent their truck over to the school. I just got a call from a teacher who told me how the school was allocated about 3 grand a year for books but the books never arrived. Someone complained to Superintendent Michelle Lloyd-Bey every year and she did nothing. So no wonder there is no functioning library - beside the fact that a highly qualified librarian was working in the school.


  1. Please.. someone bust Michelle Lloyd Bey for this.....

  2. Ms. Sills has not really cared about students well being or academic progress. She has a political hierarchy she has developed to intimidate teachers and parents. Meetings were held by parents to address the over-priced graduation clothes and venue. She assured us she would help those who would not have the money. However she would only help parents that she believed would be an advantage to her. At the graduation of my daughter two years ago she told her graduating class her teacher didn't care about her right in the middle of the ceremony. Children were crying I personally knew the teacher had been very ill and went through radiation and severe changes. She not only did not have empathy for the teacher but she hurt the students feelings saying that in front of their peers during her elaborate production. You can't claim to care if your capable of hurting children as a means of retaliation. Hopefully things will change soon.


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