Thursday, January 16, 2014

PS 106 Update: Why There's No Payroll Secretary

Who is responsible from above Marcella Sills after a decade of this kind of stuff? Will the NY Post blame Farina?

From a source:
Our last payroll secretary who had retired teturned to PS 106 part time after being begged by [Principal] Sills to return. But Sills was so nasty to her and treated her with gross disrespect. Finally the payroll secretary told her she was leaving due to the way Sills treats her and speaks to her. On her way out of the office  the secretary got a call from Sills who screamed at her to leave her school building or Sills would summon the police!  No school secretary lasted under Sills and there hasn't been a payroll secretary nor any other at PS106 in several years. Sills actually placed school aides in the office and assigned them to secretarial duties including handling confidential files and paperwork.


  1. Interesting . And counterintuitive. My impression is that Payroll Sec is usually in charge of the bldg. when admins are out of the bldg. Duties include calling subs ( or NOT calling subs... i.e. to save $$) reassigning staff to cover absences, explaining to whomever calls or shows up that the admins are "out of the building" , "in a meeting", "out in the field" ,"stuck in traffic", "at a workshop", etc.

    Such undying allegiance is purchased w. perks of all variety... including input into such decisions as "which applicant for, say, a teaching position, gets hired."

    Principal Sills may have skipped this class at the Leadership Academy. Or perhaps she's a tad slow on the uptake. In any case, if her aim is to perpetuate the DOE's venerable culture of corruption, she's going about it the hard way, seems to me.

  2. This is not right, There should be a Payroll secretary. or someone who handle this job, So you can hire a payroll services provider.


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