Saturday, January 11, 2014

Susan O's Saturday Night Special

Just made my self-imposed deadline to try to post an Ohanian piece on Saturdays.
We have a couple of cartoons:
Get on the Bus!
Love of Books Never Stops

 Data Amok: Pearson's aimsweb Behavior Module
Jim Horn  and Susan Ohanian
Schools Matter
Beware of Pearson bearing solutions. This is very scary.

Test Your Knowledge of Common Core Regionalisms
Susan Ohanian
How well does this test of Common Core regionalism reveal where you're from? Answer the questions to find out.

Chicago School Rations Bathroom Visits to Help Prepare for Common Core Tests
Anthony Cody with Ohanian screech
Education Week: Living in Dialogue
This administrative memo, offering another use for stop watches besides DIBLES testing, is so ignorant it is almost funny.

New York Parent to Mrs. Obama: Save Our Children!
Jill Berardi
Diane Ravitch blog
A mom's plea to Mrs. Obama to help save kindergartners from an hour of Common Core homework a night.

Common Core backlash casts shadow on future testing in NC
Lynn Bonner
News & Observer
The North Carolina legislature in its budget prohibited the Board of Education from spending any money on new tests linked to the standards. Now what? Of course the arguments of wanting to know how their children rank nationally are hypocritical and I explain why.

State Deal To Give Media Organizations Student Data Alarms Privacy Experts
Ann Dornfeld
In the continuing saga of Bill Gates doing what he damn well pleases, the Foundation has given a grant to the Seattle Times to mess around with Washington State student test data.

To the editor
Stephen Krashen
Wall Street Journal
Stephen Krashen's fine letter reminds us that people oppose the Common Core for very different reasons.

This Dad Transformed A Daily Routine Into A Magical Way To Love His Kids. I Can't Stop Smiling!
Megan McCormick
In 2008, David LaFerriere decided to surprise his kids at school by drawing on their lunch sandwich bags. The results will make you smile.

Effects of Inequality and Poverty vs. Teachers and Schooling on America’s Youth
David C. Berliner
Teachers College Record
Berliner concludes that poverty should never be an excuse for schools to do little, but poverty is a powerful explanation for why they cannot do much! I applaud his conclusion that we should concentrate on getting people decent jobs and reducing inequality in income.

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