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Alan Lubin Consultants: Total Received from American Federation of Teachers: $96,028.00

The incestuous relationship of the UFT/AFT/NYSUT Edu-industrial complex. I guess "retirement" as NYSUT VP is only a temporary thing.



Type: Professional Services
Location: 81 Pico Road
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Total Received from American Federation of Teachers: $96,028.00


The Department of Labor requires unions to itemize any payment over $5,000.

Date    Purpose    Amount
September 13th, 2011    Locals in Crisis member related services    $10,794
January 11th, 2012    Locals in Crisis member related services    $10,506
February 14th, 2012    Locals in Crisis member related services    $10,804
August 24th, 2011    Locals in Crisis member related services    $10,566
November 18th, 2011    Locals in Crisis member related services    $10,096
October 13th, 2011    Locals in Crisis member related services    $10,523
December 15th, 2011    Locals in Crisis member related services    $10,910
July 20th, 2011    Locals in Crisis member related services    $10,918
March 16th, 2012    Locals in Crisis member related services    $10,911
Source: LM forms filed with the Office of Labor-Management Standards.

This information is a public record, which can also be found on, which is a government-run website.

Alan Lubin
Download ALAN LUBIN’s letter (pdf) here:

Dear NYSUT Leaders,

I have been reading the attack pieces and position papers that are flying around the internet this past month. While there are definite issues to be discussed, we are wasting our opportunity to discuss them.

I thought long and hard before writing this, and promise that it will be my only piece on these issues. I know that some will rip it apart, even as it arrives on your desk or tablet. The REVIVE NYSUT campaign did not start this January when the caucus petitions came out. Whether people whisper in your ear, tweet, blog or email you, the argument that the UFT is trying to take over NYSUT, is just not true. Some deny using this argument, but you know that you are hearing it. This argument is as old as NYSUT. You can ask your “old timers” for that history. While it has always been said, it has never been true. We have had great internal debates throughout our history, with arguments on both sides from large and small locals. The current internal discussions really started with the question of whether or not we should change our constitution to move from five to four officers.

Most believe that the reduction of officers was done to save money during rough times. Some alleged other, devious motives. I agreed with the financial argument put forth by our president, and I voted to move to four officers, as did most of you who were at the Rep. Assembly. It passed with virtually no opposition. Almost immediately, some small upstate locals saw a problem. They believed that vying for four seats instead of five, small locals, higher ed, SRPs, and other groups would never be able to successfully run for office in NYSUT. We had made a very big mistake and this new coalition of small locals worked within Unity Caucus to reverse our error. They were immediately criticized by four of our officers. Their motives were questioned and they felt pressure from “above” to drop the issue. The drive to change the constitution was organized and executed by Martin Messner, the president of one of our smallest locals and now a candidate for office in our great union. The constitutional amendment drive, netted more than1200 signatures from over 20 locals across the state. Only 100 signatures were needed and not one signature was solicited from the UFT. Despite this, the reaction from at least one of our incumbent officers was that the UFT was trying to take over NYSUT. Both supporters and opponents reached out to the UFT for support. (Sound familiar?) The UFT entered the fray to support the smaller locals across the state less than a week before the convention. In fact, it was REVIVE NYSUT candidate for president, Karen Magee, who did the math. With four officers, and UFT probably retaining two seats, they would hold 50% of the officer seats. With five officers, as per Martin Messner’s constitutional amendment, they would hold only 40%. Simple math.

At the R.A. a settlement was worked out with input from Michael Mulgrew and Randi Weingarten. Nice work! As part of that settlement, a review of NYSUT expenditures was begun with the support of the petitioners, the Unity Caucus, the Board of Directors and the entire R.A.. As of this writing, there has been only one meeting of the task force called by our president and there is no report.

Fast forward to this year. Again we have the hysterics that the UFT is trying to take over NYSUT, and that the UFT and the Unity Caucus are the devil incarnate or puppeteers. This time the supporters of the status quo aren’t whispering, they are screaming it from the roof tops.

Can we look at the facts for a few minutes? The UFT has just decided to support the REVIVE NYSUT candidates. They did this after their review of both major groups in this election and a discussion at their leadership level. They have brought two candidates to the table. The other candidates are from other parts of the state. None of these three REVIVE NYSUT candidates were put forward by the UFT. Even while supporters of four of the incumbents, including at least one of the current officers, are trashing Unity and the UFT, the four candidates led by president Dick Iannuzzi, were seeking the support of the UFT, and are still seeking the support of Unity Caucus. We should all be aware that both sides were seeking UFT support, as well as support from all across the state. There is nothing wrong with that, but quietly seeking support while you are trashing a group publicly, does tend to raise a credibility issue.

By the way, I served this organization for more than forty years. Our team was unified. Our strength came from the ability to have a strong relationship with elected officials on both sides of the aisle, and a dialogue with a Governor we never supported. Dialogue is important. I hate to admit it, but it wasn’t my charm and good looks, it was the fact that NYSUT members from places like: Malone, Peru, Rome, Oceanside, Lockport, Fire Island, Brentwood, Monroe- Woodbury, Schoharie, Harrison, Cooperstown, and yes, even NYC, had my back! Our strength also came from the grass roots via local leaders and activists that everyone knew were part of our team. That is not the case now, and we all know it. It wasn’t just the legislators who worked with us, it was the strong coalitions with whom we worked. We are losing these relationships. Let’s give some new folks a chance. The REVIVE NYSUT team has the skills, experience and talent we need to aggressively move our agenda forward. Let’s stop attacking our locals and the leadership they bring with them.

Let’s argue issues and reject the attacks on each other. Whether you represent small or large locals, we need each other. We maintain our power, only if we can work together, whether we represent 10 members or thousands of members. I see two distinct positions. Four incumbents say “Now is not the time to change leadership” That’s an argument used in Union elections since the beginning of time. (Including by me, in the past!). We are past that argument now. The REVIVE NYSUT leaders argue for new approaches, new coalitions, and improved outreach and much more involvement and input from locals across the state to bring NYSUT to a higher level. Their positions are on their website, facebook page and all over the internet. They are all reachable on their website.

I think by now you know I support the REVIVE NYSUT team. I hope you will as well. I look forward to seeing you at the RA.

In Unity,

Alan Lubin

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