Monday, January 13, 2014

Farina Punts on PS 106 Story

Teachers ought to try working the hours PS 106 principal Marcella Sims did and see if they get the same reaction from Farina. What I find outrageous by the coverage is the ignoring of the way Sills destroyed the careers of teachers. Once again the DOE seems to be sliding into a "defend principals" at all costs. Shame.
Where is the accountability of Superintendent Lloyd-Bey who covered up for Sills for a decade? A teacher called today to tell me about how Sills removed her from her licensed reading instruction job and when she wrote letters to everyone, including Joel Klein she was called in to meet with Lloyd-Bey and Cashin who some say was Sill's protector. Cashin told Lloyd-Bey to offer the teacher the same job at another school for the rest of the year to shut her up. The teacher took the job but when she came back to PS 106 the next year Sills left her off the organization sheet the entire year and an experienced teacher in reading support spent most of the year sitting at PS 106 doing nothing but getting paid. All this known by Lloyd-Bey and Cashin. Nice work if you can get it,

'Students are learning' at P.S. 106, Fariña says

By Eliza Shapiro
8:10 p.m. | Jan. 13, 2014
Despite "significant room for organizational improvement," schools chancellor Carmen Fariña said Monday evening, P.S. 106 is functioning.
Fariña issued a statement after she dispatched deputy chancellor Dorita Gibson to visit the school, which the New York Post reported was a rat-infested wreck where the principal is rarely seen and students spend the day watching television.
Fariña said a field staffer will visit the school weekly to ensure that organizational changes are implemented. "We are going to relentlessly support this school and marshal our resources until we see the results we expect from our students," she said.


  1. "Students are learning" is a ridiculous statement because the teachers are dedicated and not because the principal is doing her job. If this principal is not put on administrative leave soon, then I will agree with every word you stated. Let's hope that statement was for the cameras and more is going on behind closed doors.

  2. Norm, Your football acumen is gone since the Jets went downhill. PUNTED?????!! Farina didn't punt!!! That is not a punt!! Her response was a FUMBLE!! A fumble, which if Principal Sills is not gone by Friday, the DoE will not recover. It will be a real early "TURNING POINT" in the "new game". It's not about Sills now coming in on time and obtaining books after her game plan was exposed. This is about her past transgressions. One cannot do what she did for so many years and simply say, "Okay ,now I will do the right thing, watch me". WE WILL SOON FIND OUT IF THE DoE HAS CHANGED WITH THE NEW REGIME

  3. My prediction is that Chancellor Farina will be making some swooping changes with community schools and districts for next school year, and A LOT of the district superintendents (who are title figures anyway) will be shown the door or have to re-apply/re-interviewed for their positions. I do not see Michelle Lloyd Bey in the DOE in future years to come.

  4. Point is: the MSM has known about this situation since at least 2008.... and has sat on the story 'til now. Given the facts as we know them, it eems reasonable to speculate that principal's been protected by higher ups ( In the DOE? City gov't? State legislature? We don't know but we need to find out.)

    Every time the local MSM tv stations opened news program w. a weather forecast or the perfunctory "tragic" car accident or street crime..... and ignored the above... they participated actively in a conspiracy to commit fraud by withholding information from the public.

  5. Here's another situation of an administrator not showing up for work and nothing gets done.

  6. You have such good stuff on this school-from years ago-can we pass it along to the major papers, or do you think they will corrupt it?


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