Wednesday, January 15, 2014

PS 106: Telemundo Video Report - Including Me Not Speaking Spanish

Reporter Pablo Gutierrez got in touch after googling my articles on PS 106 from 2008 (something Sue Edelman of the Post didn't do) and since he and his cameraman were on the way out to Rockaway they stopped over at my house to interview me. Then these hard-working guys spent the rest of the day around the school and caught Marcella Sills leaving. I can't understand Spanish but they got a bunch of parents to speak.

I hear Sills was with her lawyer -- it must be Take Your Lawyer to School Day.

Here are some more stills:


  1. If she gets what she deserves-incarceration, do you think that I can get that fur for my wife?? BTW, would anyone know her size-pretty expensive to take that coat to a tailor. She can keep the hat-looks like the one that Elaine got for George in Seinfeld!

  2. Nice work Norm. Lots of people (and the reporters, plus your adversaries) count on this blog for all of the information.

    Btw, I still remember the video on your blog when you got hugged by Joel Klein.

  3. Interesting too.. Superintendent of District 27 Schools Michelle Lloyd Bey used to be the principal of PS 106...


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