Sunday, January 21, 2018

Linda Lyon’s film will go live SUNDAY JAN 21 @noon EST/10 AM MST

Are you fired up and ready to spread the word? Michael Elliott  and Kemala Karmen have been producing a series of short films for NPE. I was at part of the shoot in April and it was so professionally done. That a high level film maker and editor like Michael is willing to do this shows his commitment to defending public education.

The goal is to make them go viral and there is a social media strategy that can make this happen. See the guide below and also the quick things you can do if you can't handle the details of the guide.

Hi friends,

It’s that time again—we’re rolling out another short video! This one features AZ School Boards Assoc Pres Linda Lyon talking about the damages visited on public schools by privatization and delivering a call to action (vote! run!) in its wake. The video will debut on the FB & Twitter feeds of both our organization (Shoot4Education) and NPE’s at NOON EASTERN TIME TOMORROW, SUNDAY, JAN 21.

With your help, the previous 2 videos in the series have gone viral, reaching MILLIONS of viewers! Let’s do it again. For best results, follow the detailed instructions in the attached social media guide. Or if you don’t have the patience for that, please do at least these 3 things:

1) Watch the video in its entirety on the NPE Facebook page and on their Twitter page
2) On FB: like/react/comment/share On Twitter: Re-Tweet
3) On FB: tag friends in comments  On Twitter: add handles (quote tweet)

The forces against us have the $$$. But we have you!


Michael & Kemala

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