Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Global Tech Supporters Resist Consolidation Efforts of District 4 (East Harlem) Supt Estrella and Farina; Links of Estrella to UFT District Rep

I was contacted by people connected to Global Tech based on this April 23, 2017 post: CPE1 and Global Tech - East Harlem Dist. 4 Supt Alexandra Estrella: Evil Death Star School Destroyer.

My report was based on reporting by Andrea Gabor, Requiem For A School That Works-
On January 24, the PEP will vote to consolidate two schools - Global Tech and PS 7. There is an ugly story behind this move. That District 4 Supt Alexandra Estrella continues her vendettas -- many claim she is in the running for worst Supt in the city -- and note below her very close relationship to UFT District Rep Servia Silva. Is the UFT behind protecting Estrella's back despite her viciousness? Google Estrella to see the number of scandals she has been involved in.

Estrella chopped a very popular teacher who was groomed to be the principal last spring. He is now at Harvard. Most of the teachers then left the school and are scattered around but many will be coming out tomorrow to the school to protest the consolidation and, in essence, the destruction of the mission of Global Tech.

There will be a hearing at the school this Thursday Jan. 18 - I and some other MOREs are going and I will be taping. We're betting the UFT will be mum on this move.

Here is some of the background based on Andrea Gabor's reports from April. I'll be back with more updates later.
Global Tech also traces its lineage to the era of collaboration and teacher-leaders that flourished in District 4 under Tony Alvarado and Debbie Meier, beginning in the 1970s, and was, to a limited degree, revived under Bloomberg. That legacy of grassroots leadership and collaboration, which was intended to foster creativity and innovation, is now widely seen as endangered—not just at Global Tech, but throughout the city.... Andrea Gabor, Gotham Gazette
Yes, can we say that DeB/Farina rule is as bad or worse than Bloomberg/Klein? Well, not to the UFT/Unity leadership which has its seat at the table that BloomKlein denied it, but certainly not using it to defend teachers and schools.... ed notes, 4/23/17
Estrella who tried and is still trying to destroy CPE1 may be the worst Supt in the city. But just as bad is the connection between Estrella to the UFT District Rep Servia Silva, whom many teachers in the district accuse of being Estrella's cover. I just heard from someone in the district that Estella and Silva have vacationed together.

I have been in phone contact with some of the people actively organizing resistance. I will publish more info as this week goes on.

One of the ugliest are the stories of a very buddy buddy relationship between District 4 Supt. Alexandra Estrella and UFT District Rep Servia Silva. One report claimed that Estella and Silva have vacationed together. Talk to people at CPE1 and they will tell you how they suffered abuse from principal Monika Garg while Silva poo poohed it. I called Silva out when I last spoke at the UFT Ex Bd pointing out that CPE1 teachers came to MORE for help due to UFT lack of response.

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