Thursday, January 25, 2018

Press Coverage of Parent Demands for Input On Chancellor, Exposing De Blasio

See the complete Video of press conf at Ed Notes:
Video: Parents demand NYC Mayor de Blasio Include ...

Reports from Leonie:

See video of De Blasio saying we need a public vetting for Chancellor when he first ran for office

Lindsey Christ (@LindseyChrist)

"A serious, serious public screening" is what @NYCMayor said in 2012 should happen with a Chancellor search. Now he says search will be secretive. We found the video of his 2012 comments. WATCH:

News & video of  press conference, where NYC parent leaders demand a voice in selecting the next Chancellor, and the mayor's response (so far) -

Good story from LIndsay Christ who dug up the footage where de Blasio was running for mayor and promised to do a public vetting process.

School-board heads want input on new chancellor - NY Daily News

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