Saturday, January 27, 2018

Norm at the PEP - My response after hearing teachers speak up despite fears of retaliation

The Global Tech teachers and students broke my heart. I almost lost it. Well, maybe I did lose it. Here is Vimeo with you tube link below.

You tube:


  1. Norm Scott for Chancellor !!

  2. You didn't lose it, Norm. You said what needed saying and I thank you for it. The teaching force is dominated by women and we are harrassed and bullied daily in the workplace but since our offenders are not always men and most offenses aren't titillating enough for high media ratings, our stories go untold. Bullying is about exerting control and making subordinates feel powerless. No one does that better than our dear old NYC DOE with the blessing of their UFT leadership enablers. I don't know how to unite teachers and beat the systemic and institutionalized bully behavior of the DOE but I know this much. When you repeatedly give the bully your lunch money the bully becomes both empowered and dissatisfied and wants more and more. When you bloody a bully's nose, he/she usually doesn't come your way again. When you have others willing to fight along side you, the bully doesn't stand a chance. Simple rules we learned as kids in a playground but can't seem to put into practice as a local union of 100,000 plus human beings. Roseanne McCosh

  3. The regressive left needs to fight these issues along class lines.

  4. Stop age discrimination in the DOE.

  5. Kudos! You told it like it is. Thank you, Norm.



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