Friday, January 19, 2018

Video: Voices of Global Tech - A Massive Defense of the School, Savaging Supt Estrella

"Your are monsters" -  Students to DOE officials
OK. So I went to yet another school hearing -- not a formal closing but a consolidation of two schools into one - but in effect the death of Global Tech. And this one - maybe above all - blew all of us away. The mostly former students were the stars of the show -with the support of their former teachers - most had left the school last year when Estrella chopped the principal and forced him out -- he is now at Harvard -- who showed up with the former students.

Their voices must be heard and I know that an hour and 20 minutes is a lot of time - and this is uncut raw video - I only turned off the
camera a few times when there were some lulls -- but there were not many -- this was one of the most intense hearings I've been too-- but also joyous -- I chose to feature a shot of Kayla Hamilton one of the teachers who helped organize this and someone I've been in touch with over the past week. Watch the ovation she gets.
She is one of the warmest, most exuberant people I've met. I would go back to school to have her as a teacher. We hugged her as we left and asked her what else can we do. She responded with, "No, what can I do? I'm an activist now."

We will see Kayla and her crew this Wednesday night at the PEP at 166 Essex Street - starting at 6PM. CPE1 people will be in the house to support Global Tech. Come on down and see the show.

And I will be posting shorter segments highlighting some of the dynamic speakers for those who don't have time to watch the entire video.

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