Friday, January 26, 2018

Reminder! Parent Action Conference on Saturday

I'm reposting. I'll be there with camera - stop by and say a few words for our little film.

Dear Norman:
Our Parent Action Conference is just a few days away on Saturday, Jan. 27 at the Peck Slip School in lower Manhattan.  Please sign up today if you haven't already!

You can spend the day with fellow parent activists, learn how to advocate for your child and our schools, enjoy a delicious lunch and see a terrific movie; what could be better?

Also, this morning we held a successful press conference along with CPAC and CEC leaders, representing more than one million parents and demanding that the Mayor give parents a voice in selecting a new Chancellor. Watch out for reports on NY1 and the Wall St. Journal.

We're asking for a meeting with the Mayor to discuss how parents can provide input into his decision, to ensure that the next Chancellor has the qualities and qualifications necessary to run the nation's largest public school system and is someone who can truly collaborate with parents. Check out the oped I co-authored with Leonie Haimson in Gotham Gazette on this issue.

Hope to see you Saturday! --
Shino for NYC Kids PAC

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