Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Video Global Tech: Teachers and Parents Stand Up to DOE Plus Statements of Support to be Read at PEP

You reap what you sow and [pointing at Estrella] you are going to reap what you sow  ---- Global Tech teacher
Here are comments from a couple of parents talking about the impact of Global Tech on their children and some amazing teachers. These teachers are not only eloquent but brave. It's funny how we read so many anonymous comments on the blogs where teachers say how fearful they are. Not these teachers.

I saw Estrella pass a note to the guy next to her when Kayla Hamilton was speaking pointing out her name. I called out - vendetta? When I told Kayla the story she said, "What else is new?"

One reason we are taking aim at Estrella at the UFT to force them to take action and stop the collusion between her and District 4 rep Servia Silva.

Here are the letters of support from a retired principal and DOE coach and the president of Southern New Hampshire University.

Office: Office of District Planning 
Phone: 212-374-3466
From Ann Weiner:
I am writing as the DOE coach for Global Tech Prep (GTP) from its founding to the departure of Principal David Baiz in spring 2017and as an educator with over 40 years in the DOE including as a principal for 15 years.

I do not support the merger of Global Tech Prep, a Title l school, into PS 7 for the following reasons:
·       GTP was a successful school. GTP reached levels as high as the 98th percentile city-wide for academic achievement, attendance, and parent satisfaction.
·       40% of the students are special education students, majority boys, whose parents have chosen GTP. To close Gobal Tech is actively discriminate against children with special needs and their parents’ right to choose.
·       GTP is the only technology-based school in the district which serves a population of high-need students: about 40% have IEPs. Every student has his/her own laptop and uses it in every class. Todays’ students, especially low income and students with IEPs, need to be taught to be digital citizens.

The Superintendent’s reason for consolidating GTP and PS 7 is that the NYCDOE is proposing to consolidate Global Technology with P.S. 7 because Global Technology Prep and P.S. 7 have struggled with low enrollment, which has created budgetary and programmatic challenges. This is untrue. Under its new principal PS 7’s enrollment was growing in 2015, 2016, and 2017. GTP enrollment has been stable. Both schools have a strong group of partnerships including Edible Schoolyards,  Citizen Schools which provides an afterschool program , Teen Thursdays at the Apollo Theatre, Teaching Matters, Broadway Musicals, etc.

Ann Wiener

Paul LeBlanc...

From: LeBlanc, Paul
Sent: Sunday, January 14, 2018 8:56 PM
To: ''>
Subject: A concern
I am writing to share my concerns about the merger of Global Tech. We have hosted students from Global Tech here at Southern New Hampshire University, part of a longstanding relationship, and this year have our first graduates of Global Tech enrolled as undergraduates. They are exceedingly well prepared and speak glowingly about their experience at GT. I understand that only schools with performance issues are to be closed, so we find ourselves puzzled with the decision regarding Global Tech, a school that is doing such good work and doing it with students that are largely underserved (especially those with special needs).

Thank you for your consideration.
Paul LeBlanc
Southern New Hampshire University
2500 North River Road
Manchester, NH 03106

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