Saturday, January 6, 2018

Video: Where We Speak at the December PEP - and Farina Responds

You might classify this as an example of "if a tree fell in the forest and no one was there." But the 13 members of the PEP, Farina and her hangers on at the DOE were there so let them hear a dose of reality every once in a while.

A bunch of MOREs and friends spoke to the Dec. 20 Panel for Educational Policy --Here they are in order: Aixa, Lisa, Norm,
Gloria, Jane. Others from MORE were there too but didn't speak.
Other than some parents from the Harbor school at Governor's Island who have been fighting for space promised to them when the school moved there years ago, we were pretty much the only ones there.

We met as a committee of MORE that is addressing the closing of schools issue at Panera before the meeting --- we feel at least try to raise certain issues even if the effort proves fruitless. We also think the PEP is a good space to get in some public speaking practice -- learn to try to say something cogent in a 2 minute slot. It also allows you to test out a way to present your ideas. It is a leaning experience.

I went over my time - I had so much to say and boiling it all down can be tough. I dealt with the ways principals and teachers at closing schools are dealt with - I bet they are given jobs while ATRs are tossed into the pool. Aixa put the ATR issue on the table in her own unique manner -- that Farina responded means she hit a chord. Note who relaxed Aixa is - how she doesn't make a speech but just sort of chats. Very effective even to an empty auditorium.

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  1. Must-have skill set for Teachers: content knowledge, multi-tasking, inventory management, psychology 101, tech skills, and the ability to work in a no-frills environment with professional decorum and patience in the face of less experienced, mostly out-of-subject and often compromised administrators.

    Must-have skill set for Chancellors: first and foremost, a diminished ethical compass, but also the ability to create fantasy rubrics of "performance" and "success," a deep knowledge of the mechanics of political self-preservation, and a talent for evading every question put before them by parents and educators.


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