Sunday, June 29, 2008

AFT Denies Press Credentials to the NY Teacher

Ed Notes News (ENN) is reporting that the AFT's Janet Blair, in charge of press credentials for the upcoming AFT convention in Chicago (July 9-14), has denied credentials to the UFT's house organ, the NY Teacher. Citing the fact that the paper slavishly parrots the policies of the UFT leadership and the Unity Caucus without allowing any dissent or opposing points of view, the AFT has classified the NY Teacher as illegitimate press.

The press pass on the right has been issued instead and the NY Teacher will be covering the convention from Algeria.


  1. I have to be careful because your satire is so convincing-lol. Although there is a great deal of truth in satire, isn't there?

  2. I used to contribute to NY Teacher, and I was negotiating to write for Edwize when the 05 contract came out. I had a rather unambiguous reaction, I never wrote for Edwize, and I never wrote for NY Teacher again either.

    Just a coincidence, no doubt.

  3. Your jealousy is thinly veiled.

  4. Thinly veiled? I seeth with envy. Who wouldn't want to be a pretend journalist writing Unity press releases at 80 grand a year?

  5. I'm just saying, I think you pinpointed exactly when and why you started to be obsessed with Randi and it's not surprising that those reasons aren't even the slightest bit noble.

  6. Not that I ever claim to be noble nor trust anyone's claim to be noble - like try to tell me you are doing what you do for noble reasons.

    Nor that Randi is an obsession - like I could accuse you of having an obsession with me and other iCE'ers given the time you spend on putting up your shit which is read by 3 people.

    Check what I've done and you will see mutiple attacks on Klein than on Randi - am I obsessed with him?

    Now that she's basically gone do I have no reason to go on? You'll see nothing will change on my part as you guys have so many targets. As I told Randi numerous times, she should see the shit we wrote about Shanker - Three of us went to the AFT convention in Hawaii in 75 to give out The Case Against Shanker. And we were there to challenge him in '74 in Toronto when he became the head of the AFT.
    He never went crying it was personal.

    Randi was not far out of diapers, so this Randi obsession crap is just a political ploy to make it look personal and not that her policies suck and have helped undermine the union.

    I told her 5 years ago when she goes to the AFT we'll focus on whoever is in power, as it is the machine and the people on top, not particular individuals.

  7. Ouch Norm, you sound especially fierce in that last post.

    Yep, Randi's the one who takes things personally...not you.

  8. BTW, I got you to lose it and write the word "shit" twice in your last post Norman. I won.

  9. Take your winnings and have dinner on me in Chicago. Guess who's obsessed with whom?

  10. You're flying me to Chicago and buying me dinner there? When can I expect my plane ticket? I hear tha Chi-town is nice in the fall.

    So you admit that I beat you? I'm surprised, you've come further than I ever expected you could. Our little Norman's growing up.


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