Sunday, June 22, 2008

NYC Teacher Charged With Verbal Abuse - for Teaching Evolution

The cockroaches at the DOE go to all ends when they are after a teacher,including sending signals to the kids it is open season on their teacher. So when a kid who has just bullied another kid during a middle school science lesson walks out of class and feels comfortable enough to visit the assistant principal and charge the teacher with abuse for supposedly saying his ancestors cockroaches this is the result:

I have received a file letter in which Assistant Principal Z makes the following conclusion: "It is my professional judgment that you committed an act of verbal abuse when you made a statement in front of class 8C that made Steven Smith conclude that you called his ancestors and family cockroaches. Please be advised that any repetition of verbal abuse may result in further disciplinary action including a "U" rating and/or recommendation for termination."

Read the full story at Moriah's Untamed Teacher.


  1. After 20 years of unblemished services with zero allegations of verbal abuse or corporal punishment having had over thousand students in my classes, guess what!, three charges of verbal abuse, and two charges of corporal punishment within less than six months. The allegations of corporal punishment have no specific dates, all supposedly happened 3 to 6 months ago with no witnesses; as to the verbal abuse, they are more to do the manner that I spoke to the kids, than the content of what I supposedly said. The principal trumped up all sorts of charges from Chancellor's Regs, A 410, A 420, 820, I can not even keep account of them. DoE and its principals are conducting illegal means to get teachers into trouble, while UFT hid the head in the sand and is doing nothing.

  2. Kids nowadays don't have any regard for the teachers. Whenever they do not like a teacher they get out from the class, ran to the principal's or AP's office and accuse you of verbal abuse. -- What do the administrators do?... they believe the kids.

  3. Norm:

    It's a pity that the administration just needs to twist or turn normal everyday interaction between student and teacher and charge them with whatever. The result is atrip to the "rubber room" and 3020-a charges. Enough is enough, the union must file a lawsuit about the abuse of teacher rights.

  4. DoE does everything they can to get rid of senior teachers, while UFT likes a big leach sucking the blood and sweat of teachers.

  5. Everything the union does is underlined by how it plays public relations wise. So they do little with a long term perspective. Thus, the announcement of a law suit is more important than the suit itself and expect little attention to be paid if it were filed. That's why there is so little organizing going on - the scut work has no PR value.


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