Saturday, June 7, 2008

How Many Sides of His Mouth Can Tim Daly Speak Out Of?

"Is it appropriate to allow teachers to be placed teaching a class they are not licensed for?"

The New Teacher Project's Tim Daly made this statement in the NY Times article on the UFT's response to his biased report on ATR's.

So, let's see now. Daly thinks it is ok to place a teacher with a few months training with a phony fast track licensing procedure from the Teaching Fellow's program in a classroom?

Let Daly be honest enough to admit he has a business interest in attacking ATR's through his organization's contracts with Tweed.


  1. Mr. Daly should know that in education and in other fiels everything is about politics. What BloomKlein created with all this reorganization is a system where NEPOTISM prevails. Principals and the rest of the administration have all the power to hire their relatives and friends.
    I would like to see Daly teaching in a classroom for a day.

  2. When Jennifer Medina ends a column quoting a teacher voice instead of one of those educrats, we'll know the tide is turning. She's still embedded in the Klein camp with the rest of the Times editorial board for company. That's the one with the restricted and sometimes fabricated view of what's going on.

    And that teacher voice had better be a permanently certified one with a track record, because I'm pretty sick about the wholesale giveaway of the profession to a bunch of temps.


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