Friday, June 6, 2008

Pssst, Kid. Have I got a pre-k school for you

Two articles in today's NY Times touches on the utter incompetency of the BloomKlein regime.
The pre-k debacle and the principals of schools with problems getting bonuses.

Note how the "NO EXCUSES" Joel Klein administration always has, well, excuses. "The dog ate my ARIS." I love the "bad algorithm" one that somehow left out accounting for siblings.

A teacher who might make one mistake is sent immediately to the rubber room. If Tweed had a rubber room, it would be filled and all those cubicles filled with zombies would be empty.


  1. Comment on the "Pre-K" Article-
    The same thing happened year after year when registration for PreK was handled by the schools. Once again, the Kleinberg Administration's plans for improvement leave things the same or WORSEN the situation. Will they ever get it right?

  2. As I stride past the dumpsters on the way to the filthy trailer Mr. Bloomberg sees fit to offer as a classroom, I'm comforted by the great successes of his merit pay program. One of the very worst teachers I know was named "teacher of the year" one year when she helped the principal with typing every day before going home to her cats.

    I've little doubt how such principals would distribute merit pay, and it appears their own merit pay system is equally preposterous.


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