Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sharpton & Klein

Perfect together.
From a DOE Press Release:

Schools Chancellor Joel I. Klein and Reverend Al Sharpton Launch Weekly "Education Equality Hour" on Webcast Radio Show "Sharp Talk with Al Sharpton"

Of course they got the first version wrong. Leonie Haimson commented:
They changed the website address so it works now; doesn't anyone in their huge, highly paid press office ever check these things first?

Michael Fiorillo had a stronger statement:

What little significance anything Rev. Al does, meaning its relationship to his political and financial interests, is to be found in the bit about him teaming up with "Ed in '08:" he's obviously trolling for money from Broad and Gates, who are the funders of this oligarchic effort to generate public support for their campaign to undermine public education.

The man is a political whore of the worst sort, and should be exposed at every opportunity.


  1. Al Sharpton's own children went to Poly-Prep Country School in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Where tuition is $28.000 a year. Now he was equality? He is the most phony person to cry for equality when he sends his own children to the most expensive school.

    Let's look some of the Year Books of Poly and see the picture of Al,s children.

  2. Jackson and Sharpton have done more to poison the well and seperate the races in this country than any sheet-wearing buffoons could over hope to do. And what do they care? Sharpton's daughters went to the same prep school in Brooklyn, Poly Prep, as John Bon Jovi's sons;$30,000 cash per student per year. As long as Sharpton gets to fill his pockets, what does he care? Some leadership.

    Posted by: Bugg | September 25, 2007 10:31 AM

    pasted form an old commentform an aricle (beliefnet)

  3. Very telling that Roy Romer of ED in '08 signs this manifesto rather than the Broader/Bolder initiative.

    I cannot adequately convey the disgust and outrage I feel over the release of this Manifesto of Orwellian Crap and Opportunism.

    I wish NYC public school teachers would take to the streets by the thousands.

    In solidarity out here in New Mexico.


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