Sunday, June 8, 2008

Found on Schools Matter: New Film on Teachers

I actually sent Michael Moore an email urging him to do such a film. But maybe it's on the way. Jim Horn points the way to a trailer on a film that may be the "Inconvenient Truth" for education. Maybe not. It does jump on board "the single most important thing in education is the quality teacher" bandwagon which places the emphasis of spending priority on salaries. I've seen too many kids who consistently had decent teachers still go down the drain to believe that.

What's needed is a film to expose the phony regressive ed reform movement, which also places the "quality teacher" argument at the top of the list instead of a true progressive reform movement. Instead of calling for higher salaries, the corporate gang calls for merit pay.

No wonder the unions jump on board both bandwagons. Class size and other progressive reforms are given short shrift.

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