Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Results from Principal Survey relevant to the heat wave

In our recent principal survey, 38% of principals said their schools lacked sufficient electrical power, and many commented on the need for more air-conditioning.

18% of principals reported that their schools have classrooms with no windows. Many said that special education classes and services were being given in inadequate spaces, including closets.

Clearly these would lead to unbearable conditions given today’s temperatures.

492 principals completed our survey in full -- representing more than one third of all NYC public school principals. Their schools contain about 350,000 students or 37% of our total public school population.

For the results in full, please go to http://www.classsizematters.org/principalsurveyresults.html

Leonie Haimson


  1. I brought in a thermometer today and my classroom (on the fourth floor of a 1920's building....and thus with double high ceilings is more like on the 7th or 8th floor) registered a cool 95 degrees in my period 8 class. My students (the few that showed up) just kept their heads down and no learning took place....it was miserable. We already teach more days than required by the state...why do this to kids??? I know that Tweed and the Tweedies have air conditioning....

  2. Big 1930's building. No AC in classrooms.
    Building covered with scaffolding and black construction tarp like Deutsche Bank building. Absolutely brutal inside. It was inhumane for all sufferers. And, all did suffer.


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