Saturday, June 28, 2008

Can School Administrators Be Accused of Murder...

....if a teacher dies and stress from harrassment can be shown to be a factor?

A guidance councellor who has been under severe attack by administrators at Bayard Rustin Educational Complex in Manhattan collapsed and died of a heart attack at the school's end term party. If you are going to go, what a way to go. Make some people think about rotting in hell.

A union with a bit of aggression would put together a portfolio of what has been done to her and charge adminstrators involved with homicide, if just to make a point.



  1. It should be documented and publicized if for no other reason than to illustrate the conditions that Bloomklein have created in our schools.

    It's just like I've always said- no good can come from going to end term parties.

  2. Lets compare costs for end of the year parties. My schools party cost $65 for members of the social committee and $70 for non-members.


  3. The end-term party was on a boat. The boat had no first aid, heart starter or anything else to help Ms. Garcia. EMS took a30 minutes to get to the dock when the boat came in. Some one should pay!!

    I agree that the skunk of a princial should also be held accountable for this death and the mess of a school he left behind!

  4. Boy, as if anyone needed another reason not to go to end-term parties...

  5. Re: Can School Administrators Be Accused Of Murder

    At the risk of being accused of lacking any sense of humor, I find it hard to imagine treating this tragedy with the degree of levity that some commentators have seen fit to inject into this very sad piece of news.

    The sad truth is that I would find it most surprising if anyone could demonstrate that the severe and continual stress this woman was being subjected to at her school, the Bayard Rustin Educational Complex in Manhattan, was not a very direct contributing factor to her untimely death.

    I myself have personally known countless teachers during my 37 year career who were victims of the vicious bullying of sadistic and probably clinically pathological Principals and other so-called "supervisors" and "administrators" at their work place.

    I have personally had to work under "supervisors" during my career who took great pleasure in wielding their power to inflict both mental, emotional and physical suffering (which results from the former), on countless hapless and helpless teacher victims.

    One particular example that will haunt me into my grave was a man I had worked with for untold years at the High School of Art & Design. Set "up" by the DOE lackeys and stooges at that East side school, once banished to the Rubber Room gulags I watched him whither away physically and mentally once his life had been rendered meaningless by Joel Klein's lapdogs. His teaching(which was inspiring to his students) once taken away caused untold havoc to this poor soul's life. Teaching had been for this dedicated educator, a raison d'etre.

    After more than two years in the Rubber Rooms this gentle soul having survived running the crude 3020-a gauntlet of Klein's NYC DOE was finally returned to his school. But he was never the same person after all the undeserved pain he had endured.

    The Rubber Room experience, not to mention the torment he had endured at the school by Klein's henchmen, before he was exiled to the RR's had taken its toll. He died within months of his liberation from the Rubber Rooms I am told.

    The best way one hundred thousand UFT members could honor the memory of this man as well as the woman mentioned in the article, not to mention thousands of other victims of a certain Education "credentials impaired" former Federal Prosecutor, would be to hold a wake in front of the Tweed Courthouse and/or his Park Ave. residence in the 60's, and just stand in respectful silence to memorialize and commemorate the lives and teaching careers of those who have fallen in the line of Duty.

    To learn what is happening to tens of thousands of teacher victims nationwide go to books and enter "WHITE CHALK CRIME: The REAL Reason Schools Fail" the new 648 page blockbuster expose by Karen Horwitz, M.ED. Read the FIVE Star reviews and order a copy.

    This shattering book will hopefully cause more people nationwide to realize that the sadistic bullying that is the "order of the day" (literally) for the lapdog stooges and "enforcers" of District Education systems coast to coast is, rather than a laughing matter- a crimminal matter.

    David Pakter

  6. David Pakter's comment should be made into a full post.

  7. This is indeed a very depressing story!

    Were the details of the harassment previously posted online?

    If so, where?

    If not, what was going on?


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