Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nat Hentoff Wishes BloomKlein a Happy New Year

Federal Court Defendants Joel Klein & Ray Kelly

Nat Hentoff in The Village Voice

Our Education Mayor remains silent about police abuses of students in public schools By Nat Hentoff, published: December 31, 2008


I have reported often here on the documented abuses of students, and even some teachers, by the School Safety Agents deployed in this city's schools under Kelly, Klein, and Michael Bloomberg (the latter two praised around the country as champions of "school reform"). Since the 1950s, I've written in columns and books on our schools—and their chancellors from the worst to the best. But not until the Bloomberg/Klein regime have I seen such flagrant dereliction of accountability at the very top of the school system for frequent abuse of students by police agents.

Teaching fear of the police is part of the curriculum in the school system—of which Bloomberg is so proud that he is striving (with the help of the City Council) to control the schools permanently.


  1. I found out last night from a friend and again from someone else that Hentoff is one of three columnists just laid off at the Voice.
    What's distressing is not only the loss of a true "voice" in this corrupt city, but that it's possible elected officials pressured the publisher to let him go. If that's the case. I don't see a bottom to this cesspool.

  2. This follows Klein arm twisting the Daily News awhile back to kill a story that ran on the on line daily news website regarding the salaries of some of the Tweed higher ups. Klein or Bloomberg had the story killed before it ran in the local print editions. Scary stuff, do we have a free press?
    It will get worse I predict if Bloomberg wins another 4 years and education is his main claim to fame or is that infamy!!

  3. Nat Hentoff as I recall, is a decent and honest guy. Unfortunately in today's volitile atmosphere, people like him don't last very long when they expose corruption as he has done.
    Sorry to see him go.
    I respect him as he had stated in the past that although an athiest, he is an avid "pro-lifer".
    Maybe this event in his life will encourage him to seek the God that he does not believe in, and find that God will answer his prayers and ours to restore his job at the Voice. My prayers are with him.

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