Friday, December 19, 2008

Since I'm still cavorting in Mexico and having trouble with keyboards, getting online and the impact of a constant influx of mohitos and margaritas, here are some nice links from Susan Ohanian. And Antonucci at Intercepts makes sure to focus on the anti-Duncan positions of the left with this headline: Commies Don’t Like Duncan

Gee, next Mike will be telling us to hide under school desks because of the Soviet threat.

Susan says:

Much of the news items concern Arne Duncan.
Read them all because each offers a somewhat different perspective.

If you can read only one, then Henry A. Giroux and Kenneth Saltman's piece is not to be missed.

Gary Stager's Huffington Post piece. "Obama Practices Social Promotion"

No School Left Unsold: Arne Duncan's Privatization Agenda

Jesse Sharkey 2008-12-18

A Chicago teacher continues to speak out about Arne Duncan.

17,000 kids have no school library
Meredith Koloner, New York Daily News2008-12-11

Ohanian suggests that we call on our professional organizations to redress this grievance.

Controversy brews over move of Richard R. Green High School from Upper East Side to Harlem

Joe Kemp and Merdith Kolodner, New York Daily News, 2008-12-18

Charge of racism surfaced over a plan to move a mostly minority Upper East Side high school to Harlem to make way for the children of wealthy white local residents.


  1. You've got so many links I originally posted this comment under the wrong blog entry:

    Wow, calm down, Norm. I have no opinions on Duncan, think the SecEd job is highly overrated, didn't make any comment - disparaging or otherwise - about the article, and excerpted the entire section about Duncan.

    I think the Commies would be happy for some additional publicity for their views. Most people just ignore them.

  2. Mike
    I think your role is a bti more serious than you make it out to be. Branding the opponents to Duncan as Commies while leaving out the other serious opposition is a tactic that even if innocent on your part still has connotations.

    And are there any real commies left? Or right? Or does the left and right come together?

    I think you need to update your terms.

  3. "The World Socialist Web Site insists, however, that the success of these struggles is inseparable from the growth in the influence of a socialist political movement guided by a Marxist world outlook."

    Yep, I'm pretty sure they're Commies.

  4. Will get a permit ! Will find the baseball stadium in DC ! Will rally for Public Education ! Public Education is not for sale to corporatism !End the mandates on NCLB !


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