Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Parent Empowerment Network, Year-End Update

We heard from Juanita Doyon in Washington State. Juanita is part of the George Schmidt, Susan Ohanian, crew that has been so persistent (and prescient) in their exposure of the phony education reform movement. John Lawhead and I connected up to them at the ACTNow conference in Birmingham, Al in March 2003 - in our pre-ICE days. To their critics -- na, na, na,na - they have been right all along.

Juanita is the high stakes button lady and recently sent 5000 "Choose the Best Answer: Teach/Test” to the LA Teachers Union. (I used to sell them at the UFT Delegate Assembly.) She also played a role in assisting the new Wash. State ed commissioner get elected, supported Carl Chew in his test resistance and lots more.

Read Juanita's entire post on her significant doings here:

Parent Empowerment Network, Year-End Update

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