Friday, December 19, 2008

ICE Video on MS 399X Protest

ICE video on the "DEC 17 - MS399 Protest against closing/phase out designation by city" is posted.

Click to see:


  1. As the avenues for justice continue to close in NYC, soon the only thing left to do will be to storm the bastille!

  2. "Put Your Hands Together " O'Jay's to ya ! Back down reformer and privatization ! To many millions for democracy and Public Education ! End the mandates on NCLB ! Closing Public School buildings and selling them to sub-contractors and developers hiding behind NCLB PL107-110 an under funded law of inequality.NO and it's wrong ! Stick your head in the sand and go along to get along or gather peacefully to oppose. Educators have the right to oppose and organization ! Why aren't the Union representatives on CNN fighting this ? Enough is enough on this NCLB and 10% under funded law ! See you with one fire truck and a marching band at the Washington Monument ! Get the word out from state to state ! Strategic planning kick in ! Who's got the permit ? The mayor and Rhee reform run the city ? Ain't that a hole in the ship for democracy ? Blast the music via fire truck speakers and the O'Jay's is on the song list ! What songs do you want ? It's a rally !Where is a HS marching band ? Or did they cut the budget ?

  3. National Public Educational Teacher's Rally in DC ! One firetruck and a marching band !Let's find a football stadium or the baseball stadium. Hotdogs and hamburgers ! Dunking booths and step right up! Stop closing our Public School Buildings under Pl 107-110 NCLB, an unfunded law ! Get in touch with Dr. Marzano & Associates and get some guest speakers on the rollout stage. We can't afford a Sting concert but we'll find a local band. In touch with the AFT and grab your strategic,creative event planning agenda.See ! CNN just announced support for Crumbling Public Educational School Buildings ! End the mandates on NCLB,it's not working!Yes we will !

  4. Ya gotta see the u-tube video on the Jr. High School teacher ! He slam dunks the basketball and ...Uh oh ! That's what we'll do to the mandates on NCLB ! Go Public Education ! Dr. Marzano & Associates=303-694-9199 !


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