Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gov. Patterson to Sell Senate Seat to Randi

Gov. Patterson is expected to enjoy his food at UFT Ex. Bd meetings along with his (free) copy of Ed. Notes in exchange for giving Randi the Clinton Senate seat.

New York has a tradition of copying events taking place in Chicago and Illinois. Such as mayoral control – and other recent events.

With reports surfacing about Randi Weingarten's consideration for the US Senate by Governor Patterson, Ed Notes News is reporting in an exclusive that he has offered to sell the Clinton Senate seat to Weingarten in exchange for a lifetime pass to attend UFT Executive Board meetings so he can partake in the fabulous food offerings. "They meet around 26 times a year," said a spokesperson. "That's 26 free buffets. We only asked they add surf and turf."

Weingarten is taking it under consideration, though she is thought to have doubts about accepting a Senate seat since that would be such a come down in power from her current positions as AFT/UFT Czarina. Being held accountable for her actions by a voting public would be quite a novelty.

In addition, it is thought she would miss the action where she can shout at the top of her lungs at a packed meeting, "NORMAN PUT DOWN THAT CAMERA!"


  1. This is priceless!

    But letting Gov. Patterson attend the Executive Board Meetings would be a contradiction of UFT policy (if the Gag Rule Resolution is passed at the DA). After all, the Executive Board is certainly considered a meeting where members should be confident that their words will not be reproduced in the press without their permission. And furthermore, without free and open internal debate, democratic deliberations of the UFT are diminished.

    Just picture the media and the security that would be attracted to 52 Broadway if the Governor came to the bimonthly Executive Board meetings.

  2. I'm dissapointed in both Governor Patterson and Randi. How come I never get invited for free dinner?

    Ty Johnson; BBA, MS, MPIA, J.D., D.P.M., and personally recognized as a good samaritan by Judge Judy in 1998.

  3. patterson and weingarten....meaning no disrespect to the physically impaired...
    metaphorically a classic case of the blind leading the blind

  4. Interesting analogy when you consider Jesus' description of the Pharisees of his day. When they asked Jesus, "Are we blind also?" Jesus said, "If you were blind you would have no sin; but now you say "We see". Therefore your sin remains."
    So guess who is more in need of "repentance".. Interestng how sensitive and talented the visually impaired are in many ways.
    What they cannot see physically they see so many important things those of us who have our sight cannot see.


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