Thursday, December 18, 2008

Darn! Missed the DA

I was out of town so I missed the scinitilating Delegate Assembly as described by James over at the ICE blog. There was an ICE leaflet on closing schools and ATRs. James said the teachers and students from IS 399 which is being closed where there and as we reported yesterday the UFT is attempting to control the spigot of militancy.

The announcement that the New School is being occupied today following on the takeover of the Chicago factory may pressage a new day in militancy and the UFT and the rest of the labor movement will have to work doubly hard to control things.

I remember a time in my early years of teaching when a militant parent group occupied the District 14 offices for months. That was my first exposure to political activism - I went over to visit one day. That was pretty dumb as I was new to my school and had a year to go till tenure. But I figured it was a free country.

The next day my principal called me into his office and asked me about that. Okaaay! I get it. Lucky he was on terminal leave and his replacement tried to reign me in, he just was too milktoast to do it. Things might have been different if a real power freak as principal had been there.

I probably would have been denied tenure and ended up as a (fill in the blank)_________.

Note: The spell check on this computer does it in Spanish so excuse the typos.


  1. Unity people and the administrators and the collaborating teachers remind me of the picture of the families picnicing after church under a hanging Black man twisting in the wind. They actually thought they were good people too.

    It's a wonder they can sleep at night.

  2. I agree. Administrators for the most part are scum, appointed through nepotism or cronyism. The UFT has a closed shop. We really are fucked!


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