Friday, December 5, 2008

NYC Deputy Chancellor Cerf "Chided" About Soliciting Donation

Chided? That's it?
Would you buy a used car from Christopher Cerf?
A teacher would be hung.
Remember the librarian at Brooklyn Tech who was hounded for promoting his daughter's book?
Don't they have rubber rooms for deputy chancellors?
Five years ago I spoke at a PEP meeting and said one day the entire gang would be taken out of Tweed with their coats over their heads.

Mr. Cerf’s relationship with the company, now called EdisonLearning, first made headlines in February 2007, when he assured a citywide parents’ group that he had “zero” financial interest in Edison. He later acknowledged that he had relinquished his equity stake in the company only the day before.

“Raising money for a not for profit, tell me, what’s wrong with that?” he added.

Graphic by David

Interesting how the DOE imposes all kinds of crap on schools and teachers attempting to raise money.

The NY Times had to get the Condon report using Freedom of Information. Good for them.


  1. Perhaps we can ask the union to negotiate chide letters to replace those going into files to build a case to fire teachers.
    How about chide rooms to replace rubber rooms? You stay only as long as it takes the ink to dry on the charges. And what will happen to the teacher who accepts a cheap bottle of aqua velva from loving student this christmas? How will they be chided?

  2. Mr. Scott:

    As much as I am a loyal reader and fan of Education Notes Online, I feel I must raise a voice of indignation at your choice of illustration for your otherwise quite apropos story/expose:

    NYC Deputy Chancellor Cerf "Chided" About Soliciting Donation.

    Your otherwise very humorous cartoon/illustration depicts the stereotypical end of WW II grifter hawking wrist watches to American GI's as he shows off his offerings conveniently displayed inside his overcoat.

    This form of post WW II creative self enterprise and budget start up Capitalism is used to say something about Mr. Cerf and what the New York Times article had to say about this individual (pardon my inability to be able to refer to Mr. Cerf as a "gentleman").

    My 'complaint', if I may be permitted to employ that term, is that throughout my 37 year career as a NYC teacher, as an Internationally established and known Designer, for such global Corporations as Walt Disney, Avon Cosmetics and the Timex Corp., et al, I used novel watch products I had designed and distributed worldwide as part of annual Incentive Awards Campaigns to raise Academic Student Achievement in the New York City Schools system.

    It was just one of many reasons former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani thought fit to personally decorate me, in a City Hall ceremony, as a "Teacher of the Year" a few years back.

    However, once I became a Whistle-blower (Coogle 'David Pakter'), suddenly what had once been looked upon for decades as an uncommon degree of generosity became in my current 3020-a Specifications, a formal charge of "Conflict of Interest".

    Strangely, to my knowledge, no one has ever accused Bill Gates of a "Conflict of Interest" for donating millions of dollars worth of computers to the NYC Board of Education, but I have been accused of an alleged "Conflict of Interest" for allowing one of my companies to donate Fashion Watches to Honor Roll students at the High School for Fashion Industries last year- something my Company has been doing in other schools for the past three decades.

    All this is too say, Mr. Scott, that despite the fact that Mr. Cerf certainly has much to answer for and explain to a growingly incredulous Public, I highly doubt he has ever donated a single wrist watch to a single NYC public school student or anything else of any value for that matter, whether of financial or Educational value.

    Perhaps, in the end that great Renaissance genius, Leonardo da Vinci said it best:

    "The supreme misfortune is when theory outstrips performance"-

    Those brief words would surely serve as the most appropriate and fitting epitaph to include on both the tombstones of Chancellor, (by Special Requirements Waiver) Joel Klein, Esq. and his present Deputy Sherrif, Mr. Cerf- both of whom should have been run out of Dodge City long ago.

    In the meantime I trust you will refrain from crediting the offering of wrist watches to NYC students or parents to a man who never has done anything of a kind but can certainly be accused with wasting the precious time of a good many innocent people who deserved far better.


    David Pakter, M.A., M.F.A.

    former "Teacher of the Year"

    under the Giuliani Administration


  3. I find that picture offensive to grifters. My grandma's daddy was a grifter.

    Ty Johnson; BBA, MS, MPIA, J.D., D.P.M., and personally recognized as a good samaritan by Judge Judy in 1998.


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